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Commonwealth Secretariat in Partnership with HCC to Strengthen Multisectoral Response to NCDs in the Caribbean

COMSEC Meeting HCCThe NCD Commissions Strengthening Project (NCDCSP) is a collaborative effort of the Healthy Caribbean Coalition (HCC) and the Commonwealth Secretariat (CS), working to strengthen the multisectoral response to NCDs in the Caribbean. Read more

Women’s Health an Ongoing Priority for HCC Members

ACS-HCCThe American Cancer Global Health Programme is supporting HCC member organisations in a second round of funding aimed at building the capacity of the Jamaica Cancer Society and the Belize Cancer Society to deliver high quality cervical cancer screening and treatment services to economically disadvantaged women in Jamaica and indigenous women living in rural communities in Belize. “The Jamaica Cancer Society is very happy to be the recipient of this grant which will go a long way in strengthening our capacity to expand our cervical cancer screening and public health education programmes to underserved communities across Jamaica" stated Executive Director of the JCS, Yulit Gordon. Read more


The Healthy Caribbean Coalition

The Healthy Caribbean Coalition is a civil society alliance to combat chronic diseases. The alliance was established following a Caribbean civil society led conference on chronic diseases, entitled Healthy Caribbean 2008 - a wellness revolution conference. read more

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